Modification service

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Not everyone has the skills to perform modifications to their Aquarius computer, so I've developed an approach so that people who feel comfortable enough performing a simple disassembly of their system can still get upgrades. Users follow instruction in a YouTube video to remove the motherboard from the Aquarius, then safely package it in a standard USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping box. I perform the upgrades, ship it back to them in the same way, and they reinstall it.


While I've sold dozens of the Aquarius Composite Video Adapter PCB, I still get complaints that the level of expertise and tools required to perform the installation is still to high for many hobbyists. I get it! I was in their shoes before I taught myself how to do this. I still tremble with fear a bit when I think about the first modification I did to an original XBox so that I could run homebrew software and Linux! I've developed a process that I think will address the concerns of MANY casual tinkerers and allow them to get their Aquarius Computers modified for more modern use.

Cost for Service

As of 21 APR 2020, the cost for this service is US$99, and includes the following items:

    • Aquarius Composite AV modification + AV cable - WORKS FOR EITHER NTSC or PAL!
    • Upgrade 7805 power regulator
    • Replace electrolytic capacitors
    • Power LED Update (your choice of GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, or RED)
    • Clean and reassemble
    • Return shipment fees

The service does NOT include the following:

    • Packaging/shipping costs of initial shipment from your address to my shop
    • Troubleshooting or repair of the Aquarius - SYSTEM MUST BE WORKING ON ARRIVAL
    • Shipping outside of the US - contact me for international options

A second Aquarius motherboard can be upgraded for a total of US$169, as two can fit in the recommended Flat Rate shipping box.

Process Details

Here's an overview of the Aquarius Modification process:

  1. You'll notify me that you're interested in purchasing the Aquarius Upgrade Package by completing the form below
  2. I'll confirm by sending you a PayPal Invoice for the cost of the service
  3. You'll pay for the service and agree to the terms of the agreement:
    • Your Aquarius must be in working order when I receive it
    • There are no refunds or returns once payment is received
    • It is up to you to complete the proper shipment steps, outlined below
    • Service window is good for up to one calendar year from purchase date
    • There are no guarantees of turnaround time, but my goal is to complete the modifications and return ship within two weeks
  4. You'll purchase a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box of size 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8" box and postage (currently US$15.05 for domestic shipments), along with appropriate anti-static wrapping and padding
  5. You'll follow the YouTube video and instructions (left of this paragraph) for removing the motherboard, securely pack the Aquarius Motherboard into the shipping box, and send it to me
  6. I'll receive the unit, notify you that it's in the queue, and schedule the work
  7. I'll perform the upgrades... you will get all original removed parts in your return shipment
  8. I'll ship the unit back to you using the same USPS Flat Rate method
  9. You receive the unit and reinstall it in your Aquarius case