Aquarius Computer

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Virtual aquarius meet and greet!

Announcing the first Mattel Aquarius Computer - Virtual Meet & Greet, to be held on Saturday & Sunday, August 15 & 16 (depending on where you are in the World!). It will be a simple, 3 hour meet and greet, but we're new to this whole thing...

Register in advance for this meeting:

I am offering installation of the Aquarius Composite AV mod (NTSC or PAL units!) along with other enhancements for a flat-rate of US$99 (US addresses). Users will still have to remove their working motherboard from the case and ship it to me, but I'll handle the heavy lifting. Contact me if you are an international customer, as I'll have to calculate shipping manually.

To-Do List - 25 jun 2020

  1. Motherboard layouts - Renumbering of R, D, and C components in progress. Testing to begin once prototype PCBs are acquired. Planning on full release of Eagle files in mid-July.

  2. RGB Video Adapter - Procured FPGA development board for possible VGA output option.

  3. PAL Aquarius - Map motherboard differences from NTSC.

  4. Mechanical Keyboard - ON HOLD

Our Aquarius Composite Video Adapter DIY Edition PCB is now available here.