Aquarius Computer

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To-Do List - 29 JAN 2021

  • Rework/recreate the S2 ROM in Z80 assembly so that updates can more easily be performed

  • Development of a Tetris-styled game in Z80 assembly

  • Rebuild the power supply interface to run on USB 5v in

  • Implement RGB -> HDMI interface

I am offering installation of the Aquarius Composite AV mod (NTSC or PAL units!) along with other enhancements for a flat-rate of US$99 (US addresses). Users will still have to remove their working motherboard from the case and ship it to me, but I'll handle the heavy lifting. Contact me if you are an international customer, as I'll have to calculate shipping manually.

Our Aquarius Composite Video Adapter DIY Edition PCB is now available here.