Aq+ Resources

In which we identify great resources for end users, makers, and developers


The Aquarius+ system was designed as a system that a wide range of users could enjoy. Since each person's retro journey is different, we have different paths and resources for each of those personae.

End user working at a retro computer

End Users

...get an adrenaline rush from experiencing the excitement they remember from their youth... staying up late to finish that one level on the new game you spent your allowance on... the Aquarius+ is the perfect system to "Get Your 8-Bit On!"

Developer working at a laptop

Developers to see a block of cryptic code magically transform into a useful tool or engaging bit of entertainment... learning interesting new recipes for solving problems and sharing them with peers... the Aquarius+ is the perfect platform to do that!

Maker showing their creation


...enjoy the process of creating a new system from nothing, combining technology and creativity to produce iterations of an increasingly better end product... as an entirely open-source project, the Aquarius+ is the perfect environment to explore!