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In which we detail the refurbishment and update services we render

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Not everyone has the skills to perform modifications to their Aquarius computer, so I've developed an approach so that people who feel comfortable enough performing a simple disassembly of their system can still get upgrades. Users follow instruction in a YouTube video to remove the motherboard from the Aquarius, then safely package it in a standard USPS Priority Flat Rate shipping box. I perform the upgrades, ship it back to them in the same way, and they reinstall it.


While I've sold dozens of the Aquarius Composite Video Adapter PCB, I still get complaints that the level of expertise and tools required to perform the installation is too advanced for many hobbyists. I get it! I was in their shoes before I taught myself how to do this. I still tremble with fear a bit when I think about the first modification I did to an original XBox so that I could run homebrew software and Linux! I've developed a process that I think will address the concerns of MANY casual tinkerers and allow them to get their Aquarius Computers modified for more modern use.

Cost for Services

RGB to HDMI AV Install

Note: Due to shortages in Raspberry Pi Zero units and the CPLD chip used to drive the interface board, the cost of this upgrade will be US$329 for one motherboard and US$450 for two motherboards. Price will be adjusted down once supply has normalized.

This upgrade includes the following items:

The service does NOT include the following:

Composite AV Install

Cost for this service is US$149 for one motherboard and US$199 for two motherboards.

This upgrade includes the following items:

The service does NOT include the following:

Process Details

Here's an overview of the Aquarius Modification process: